Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're Getting Better At This School Stuff!

Oh, when the alarm went off this morning, it was difficult for me to jump out of bed. I did, however, have a big incentive... the kids go back to school today! I rolled out of bed, headed into my daughter's room and found my toddler had climbed into bed with her. They were giggling and in good spirits. I love starting the day this way! We agreed on an outfit and I helped her fix her hair. I then woke up my oldest son, got his clothes settled and went to make breakfast. Both of my little students were so excited about school that they were extra cooperative. They even traded compliments about their outfits, which on any other day would be fighting for space in front of the mirror and elbowing each other at the table. Before we stepped out the door, we held hands and prayed over their day, their teachers and friends. We prayed for clear understanding and focus, for favor and wisdom in choosing new friends and for safety. It felt so good to start off the year ahead of the game, dropping them off early at school and having them be sweet to each other.
My other favorite part of the school year...the quiet. There is this peaceful lack of noise and movement in the house. My toddler is happily watching PBS and I actually ate breakfast. Now, don't get me wrong; I miss my kids and by the end of the school year, I'll be looking forward to summer with them. I just love that school offers that balance that makes us closer as a family. They need their space and so does Mom. It's a beautiful thing!